Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden Bloggers Tour Buffalo

Having just returned from a great weekend tour of Gardens in Buffalo sponsored by garden bloggers it seemed appropriate that I should get motivated and post a new blog.

Kathy and I had a great weekend in spite of a little rain. We have lots of raindrop enhanced flower pictures to show for it.

The group of people included a handful of friends from Garden Writers group who also blog, as well as many new wonderful people to met.

The gardens were varied from one street of tiny homes originally built for the workers of Buffalo's construction boom to another of stately three story homes. As both were built in the Victorian era we could enjoy both architecture and horticulture at the same time.

One friend we were able to meet again was Anneliese Valdes from Cobra Head tools. Her family run business makes a great weeding/cultivating tool called The Cobra Head. In addition to making a great tool the family are wonderful people, like so many we meet in the gardening world. They have donated Cobra head weeders in the past to us for our project in Kenya and the farmers in Wongonyi village love them (

I was fortunate enough to win their new long handled Cobra Head in the door prize draw. Here are the three of us posing for posterity on Friday night in Buffalo. Anneliese is wearign a necklace that we purchased in Nairobi, Kenya in March. We wanted to offer her a token of our aprreciation for Cobra Head's assistance in our work in Kenya


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, It was great meeting you and Kathy and hearing about your exciting work in Africa. It is impressive and inspiring to hear your story.

EAL said...

I wish that I had had a chance to discuss your work overseas, but, nonetheless, it was great to chat with you guys at all. I feel privileged that so many fascinating people came to visit us.