Saturday, December 27, 2008

Remington Electric Chain Saw

This past fall we had a boy’s work weekend at the cottage. I was in charge of the breakfast meal, material and tools to build a new shutter for the sleeping bunkie door and bringing the chain saw. I made sure that we had the food and I had already precut some of the plywood for the shutter so that they would fit in the van. Half way there my brain cells kicked in and I realized that I had forgotten the chain saw. It was too late to turn back so I hoped that we could borrow neighbour Dave’s when we got to the cottage. To make a long story short, the answer was no.
We were left with a small electric Remington chain saw with a 12 inch chain rather than the much bigger gas powered saw. We all worked on various tasks and as trimming some dead limbs was one, the small electric saw came into use.
It worked well on trimming some small limbs. Next on the list was a dead poplar. It took some time, but the dead tree was soon on the ground. The Remington saw worked remarkably well as we cut the various branches into woodstove sized pieces for next season. The main trunk required some perseverance however the little electric saw surprised us all and we only stopped at the biggest section of trunk with a large burl where the trunk split into two.
For the last job of the day we had to remove a dead limb from overhanging the beach. The job fell to the lightest one of us as climbing to teh top of the ladder was required. A trained professional would have ahd no trouble using a chain saw, but a prudent weekend warrior chose a hand saw for this job. A lot of sweat and elbow grease was required until the limb fell to the beach where the electric chain saw came back into use. It would have been ideal to have one of Remington's new chain saws in the shop. They make a cordless pole saw. With a battery operated chian saw on the end of a pole we could have trimmed the dead limb while keeping both feet firmly on the ground.
By the end of the weekend we had accomplished our chores, enjoyed a great outdoor day in the autumn sun and air. If it had not been for the faulty brain cells, we would never have pushed teh little Remington saw to its limits and learned not to dismiss a tool because of its size.

By days end we were all impressed with the work accomplished by this little electric saw. After spending some time getting the ladder secure before ascending to tree limb level, we decided that the Remmington Cordless Polesaw might well be on our wishlist. Although I have not tried one yet, have a cordless battery powered chain saw on the end of a telescoping pole would have kept all of us grounded. The pole extended to 14 feet and would easily have allowed all of us to take turns at cutting the dead limb down to size. Perhaps next year our tree pruning will be a little easier.