Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boulevard Garden

In May 2010, I enlisted some digging help and removed sod from 15 feet or so of grass boulevard and extended the garden there. Working by splitting some hosta and asters as the center backbone of the new garden, I was left with either side to grow as well.

I had a few bags of those wildflower garden mix which promise a full and colourful garden. I used two different packs and waited. For the first month it was hard to see much of anything and I couldn't tell which tiny green plant was future flower or weed. Looking for more and faster growth I added more seeds, some zinnia and something else that I forget.

In July the hosta are stated to fade with the heat but there are some small colourful flowers filling in as well as the zinnias that I sowed later. Progress continues and we will see if my wildflower seed mixes perform any better. So far I am not too impressed.


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